Aligned with your Smile

Alinea offers a complete range of treatments in all specialities, with the aim of providing a better quality of life and self-esteem to all those who seek us.

Recover your smile one day

  • +Fixed teeth in one day;
  • +High success rate;
  • +A less expensive procedure, because it requires fewer implants;
  • +Eliminates the need for bone grafting;
  • +Fixed teeth as a natural dentition;
  • +It allows effective oral hygiene.

Reveal your perfect smile

  • +Slight corrections;
  • +Background corrections;
  • +Invisalign;
  • +3D virtual preview of evolution;
  • +Whitening.

We privilege good planning where each case is carefully examined and discussed

  • +There is no rejection of the implant;
  • +Titanium is biocompatible;
  • +Safe with guaranteed results;
  • +Painless procedure.

Show your smile and not the braces

  • +Discreet or invisible braces;
  • +Made to measure;
  • +Fixed or removable;
  • +More aesthetic.

Show your new smile.

  • +Practically invisible;
  • +Removable only for eating and brushing teeth;
  • +Indicated for almost all cases;
  • +Very easy oral hygiene;
  • +Very comfortable.

Chewing, swallowing, speaking and aesthetics

  • +Intervention at the right time;
  • +Correction of the position of the teeth;
  • +Alert on the appearance of the 4 incisors;
  • +Correct dental alignment;
  • +Good relationship of the arches.

Planning and security even in the simplest procedures

  • +Extraction of wisdom teeth included;
  • +Bone grafts;
  • +Implant placement.

An early diagnosis decreases the cost and time of treatment

  • +Correction of arc alignment;
  • +Flexible and biocompatible materials;
  • +Self-ligating devices and mini-implants;
  • +Treatment less than 3 years.

Regular visits to the dentist

  • +Premature loss of teeth;
  • +Poor positioning;
  • +Eruption problems;
  • +Occurrence of cavities;
  • +Pains and diseases of the oral cavity;
  • +You lose the fear of the dentist, because the child will be accustomed very early.

Whitening teeth in an hour

  • +Fast;
  • +Without any kind of pain - neutral gel, activated by LED light;
  • +Satisfaction Guaranteed;
  • +Safe;
  • +It does not damage the teeth.
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