Dental Implants

Dental Implants


We know today that there is no rejection to implants, as titanium is a proven biocompatible material. In the failures, there is certainly poor planning and/or poor execution. Therefore, at Alinea we favour good planning, within a multidisciplinary team, where each case is examined and discussed before moving on to action. Thus, we manage to make the treatment safe and with guaranteed results.

In cases where there is not enough bone, we find alternative procedures such as bone grafts, sinus lift and membrane placement.

It is a painless procedure, under local anaesthesia, however you can opt for conscious sedation, a process which puts the patient to sleep, in a state of total relaxation.

Every 6 months, we do a total cleaning of your dental implants, dentures and gums to ensure the durability of the work and your investment.

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